#HumanitiesPodcasts is an informal community network of humanities-related informative & educational podcasters; you can find more information @HumCommCasters on Twitter and Humanities Podcasts on FaceBook. 

femsoc podcast @femsocpodcast We are the Westminster Feminist Society podcast . We talk about various feminist topics and we are intersectional feminist.Subscribe to our podcast.

Long Island Sounds @LIsoundspod

The History Hussy @TheHistoryHussy Making #history sexy via #podcast, videos and musings. Subscribe on Soundcloud -http://soundcloud.com/thehistoryhussy 

The Story Behind @StoryBehindPod The extraordinary #history of the ordinary. If you like #trivia and fun facts, subscribe on your favorite #podcast app.

Daniel @latinitium Latin podcast, blog and videos.

AncientGreecePodcast @greecepodcast Ancient Greece Declassified is a monthly podcast that transports you to the ancient world and back, with some good conversation along the way.

Yesterday's News @VeryOldNews A weekly history podcast hosted by @forrester_joe | Get it here https://audioboom.com/channel/yesterdays-news  and iTunes: https://itun.es/gb/YrNNfb.c 

Asian Oscar Bait @AsianOscarBait A podcast that tells stories of real-life Asians — and pitches them for film. Co-hosted by @HungryMelissa and @Eng_Matthew. Listen: http://bit.ly/AsianOscarBait 

Idiom Savant @idiomshow The podcast that attempts to explore and explain the origins of common expressions in a manner that isn’t nearly as boring as this description.

Witch Hunt Podcast @WitchHuntpod Who can we blame? Subscribe to the Witch Hunt Podcast, a biweekly show that examines famous witch hunts - literal and metaphorical.

Not Historians Pod @NotHistorians Two guys take on modern pop history & dig a little deeper into the past. We also uncover some lost tales. We are not historians, we're just curious. Coming Soon

FlashpointHX @FlashpointHx A podcast designed to change the world's view on history - one person at a time

Human Circus Podcast @circus_human A podcast of varied historical delights. Great stories told bi-weekly, give or take.

M. C. Williams @HardcoreMyth Telling the stories that shaped cultures around the world in all their brutal, bloody glory.

The Folklore Podcast @folklorepod Folklore ... the beliefs, traditions and culture of the people. It's time to recall our forgotten history and record the new. This ... is The Folklore Podcast

ArtCurious Podcast @artcuriouspod Unexpected, slightly odd, and strangely wonderful in Art History. Ramblings by host Jennifer Dasal. Hear us @ http://bit.ly/2aYFIm4 

Lingthusiasm @lingthusiasm A podcast that's enthusiastic about linguistics by @GretchenAMcC and @superlinguo

ThePast & TheCurious @pastandcurious History podcast for young and old alike. Like great stories and cool music? of course you do! You're hip!

Quomodo Dicitur @QDicitur festivitas | latinitas | {pod}castitas

Historical Blindness @historicalblind

Drift&Ramble Podcast @DriftandRamble Official Twitter Account for the Drift & Ramble Podcast. True stories and American legends. http://goo.gl/AeXrrq  iTunes, Stitcher + More 

The Feast @Feast_Podcast Meals that made history. Sporadic recipes. Patchy puns. Hosted by @lauramcarlson Available on iTunes.

The Lonely Palette @lonelypalette The podcast that returns art history to the masses, one painting at a time. Subscribe on iTunes et al. Hosted by @tamsavvy.

Ray Belli @wordsforgranted A podcast that looks at how words change over time. http://www.patreon.com/wordsforgranted 

Audio Stage @AudioStagePod A podcast about all things theatre - conversations with performance makers, critics & academics. Hosts: @relatively & @dancehouse_melb Prod: @bethanyaq

GreekHistory Podcast @greekhistorypod Podcast covering Ancient Greek/Hellenistic political, social, and cultural history up to the Roman conquest

Viking Age Podcast @VikingAgePod The story of the men and women history knows, for better or worse, as the Vikings. Find us at: http://vikingagepodcast.com 

literatureandhistory @lahpodcast This podcast is an introduction to Anglophone literature, from ancient times to the present, done by a Ph.D. with lots of books and musical instruments.

Trojan War Podcast @TrojanWarPod Trojan War:The Podcast tells history's greatest epic as a serialized story. The storytelling (clever, witty, entertaining and informed) blends history and myth.

Racist Sandwich  🍔 @raceandfood The podcast about food, race, class, and gender. Hosted by chef @hooleil and journalist @zahirj. Produced by @alanmontecillo.

The Heritage Podcast @heritagepodcast A Complete Liberal Arts Education (in Podcast Form)

Rumor Flies @RumorFlies Rumor Flies is a podcast that addresses the origins, evolution, and veracity of your favorite rumors, myths, and misconceptions. Member of @darkmythspods

Shot of History @ShotofHistory A #podcast giving you quick, potent shots of #history that go down smooth with your servers @drunkdorksstef @triconottreeco @realbigdev

History Personified @HistoryMile A #podcast that helps listeners walk a mile in the shoes of #history http://www.historypersonified.com

Write Now Podcast @WriteNowPodcast A weekly podcast for writers -- published, wannabe, or anywhere in between. Hosted, edited, & produced by @SarahRheaWerner. I like you.

TheEasternBorder @Eastern_Border A podcast, explaining the life in and the history of USSR, from the perspective of the people who actually lived there.

Spirits Podcast @SpiritsPodcast Spirits: A Drunken Dive into Myths and Legends is a boozy biweekly podcast hosted by @shessomickey & @JuliaSchifini and edited by @ImEricSchneider.

The Academic Podcast @AcademicPodcast We are a new podcasting project from @Canadian_Errant and @Farhanistan. We talk about lots of fun academic subjects. TheAcademicPodcast@gmail.com. Keep Watch!

The Endless Knot @AllEndlessKnot The Endless Knot YouTube series and podcast about etymology, language, literature, history, science, and the connections in the world around us.

InterLibrary Loan @ILLbookcast Great books discussed a little bit at a time. Sequel series to @TalkingTolkien. Hosted by @jonvox@thekatenik and @skyswartout. Current book: Cloud Atlas

Advanced TV Herstory @TVHerstory Podcast about women in & of TV - an earful of seriously fun learning. Cynthia Bemis Abrams

The Past Cannot Die @PastCannotDie An all-embracing history #podcast featuring conversations w/experts in the field. Hosted by @ItIsRickBrewer #podernfamily Subscribe:http://tinyurl.com/zoql3bk 

Museum Archipelago @museum_go Museum Archipelago is your audio guide through the landscape of museums. New episodes every other Monday.

Alison Innes @InnesAlison #HumComm (#humanities communication), higher ed, classics, mythology, gender theory, digital humanities, sketchnotes. Co-hosting #MythTake. Tweets own. #BrockU.

Roxanne @mythtrans

Talking Tolkien @TalkingTolkien The weekly podcast where three friends discuss the works of J. R. R. Tolkien chapter by chapter. Hosted by @thekatenik @jonvox & @ChaseS19.

In Theory Podcast @InTheoryPod A podcast that uses theory to explain this beautiful mess of a world we live in. With co-hosts @noorain & @mscecire

Here's How Podcast @HeresHowPodcast Ireland’s Political, Social and Current Affairs Podcast - subscribe for FREE from the website to get new episodes automatically on any device

Partial Historians @p_historians After surviving being exposed at birth, these unconventional academics realised they were destined to establish the greatest podcast empire ever!

The Allusionist @AllusionistShow Small adventures in language with @helenzaltzman. This podcast is a proud member of @radiotopia from @prx.

ArchPod Network @ArchPodNet Bringing informative, professional, archaeology podcasts straight to your ears.

Medieval Death Trip @mdtpodcast A podcast exploring the wit and weirdness of medieval texts.

WET Podcast @wetpodcast @emarsh interviews interesting people in Writing, Education and/or Technology.

Professor Buzzkill @buzzkillprof Professor Buzzkill is an exciting #blog & #podcast that explores #history #myths in an illuminating, entertaining, and humorous way.

Talk the Talk @talkrtr A weekly exploration of the science of language with Daniel Midgley, Ben Ainslie, and Kylie Sturgess on RTRFM 92.1. If I @-ed you, we talked about your work.

Gastropod @Gastropodcast Award-winning podcast co-hosted by @cagraber & @nicolatwilley. Food with a side of science and history.

Maritime HistoryCast @HistoriaMare Tweeting about maritime history and keeping Twitter up to date about the Maritime History Podcast... Written & Produced by @bewhuebner

Fan of History @thefanofhistory This is the home of the Fan of History podcast and youtube show. Reach Dan at: @danhorning

TTR-Morgan Z. Sowell @TheTableRound The Table Round is an audio drama adaption of the legends of King Arthur. The writer sometimes rambles.

BritishNavalHistory @BritNavalHist We provide a forum for the publication and discussion of naval and maritime history from all periods and around the globe. Proposals for submissions encouraged

SagaThing @SagaThingPod A podcast that puts the sagas of the Icelanders on trial. http://facebook.com/sagathingpodcast 

Emma Smith @OldFortunatus Professor of Shakespeare Studies, Hertford College Oxford. Podcasts at iTunesU: Approaching Shakespeare | Not Shakespeare

Egyptian Podcast @EgyptianPodcast The story of Egypt, from Creation to the Fall of Rome

Footnoting History @HistoryFootnote Where historians pluck stories from the past and serve them to you one podcast at a time. Tweets by Christine.

History Author Show @HistoryDean Your @iHeartRadio time machine! New interview every Monday, free bourbon yesterday. iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/history-author-show/id1024856626 

Rob Monaco @PodcastHistory Because a podcast about 12,000 years of human history seemed like a good idea at the time. Listen free

History Crusades Pod @historycrusades Supporting the History of the Crusades Podcast https://www.facebook.com/pages/History-Of-The-Crusades-Podcast/189927064501362 

Kevin Stroud @englishhistpod Kevin Stroud presents the History of English Podcast for word lovers and history buffs.

The Ancient World @TheAncientWorld Twitter site of The Ancient World Podcast. Into: Geneology, sun cults, warrior queens; Turn-offs: Summary executions, invading without calling first

Edward T. O'Donnell @InThePastLane Historian, podcaster, and & college prof. Author: Henry George and the Crisis of Inequality & 2 Great Courses courses

365Philosophy @365Philosophy Thinking every day - 365 podcasts every day for 2017. Support to get bonus content at http://www.patreon.com/kyliesturgess .

Myths & Legends @MythPodcast Awesome stories retold from folklore. Wednesdays. Writer/host: @ThatJasonWeiser iTunes: http://apple.co/1HWpiRH 

Alexander Veronensis @Alexander_Ver Pipio Latine, plerumque de nugis. Incido podcast Latinum dum raedam moderor.

Peter Adamson @HistPhilosophy Professor of Philosophy at the LMU in Munich; hosts podcast about the History of Philosophy... without any gaps.

British History Pod @BritishPodcast One of the top history podcasts in US & UK | Telling the history of Britain as you've never heard it before | Weekly

Liz Covart @lizcovart Historian, Knowledge Seeker, Tireless Poser of Questions. Host of Ben Franklin’s World: A Podcast About Early American History. Mint Chip Epicure. Red Sox Fan.

Laszlo Montgomery @LaszloCHP Creator and humble narrator of the China History Podcast, Chinese Sayings Podcast & The China Vintage Hour bringing you podcasts about Chinese cultural topics.

Nick Harris @2ndthoughttank Digital Creative Producer @BritishMuseum Presenter/Producer of British Museum Podcast | YouTube channel manager/producer | also @bbcTalent Pooler

(((Kim Biddulph))) @kimbiddulph Writer, educator, podcaster, @SchPrehistory@chilternoam @HamiltonTrust @archpodnet. Reviewer @EXARC_net. Museums, archaeology, science, education, swords.

Jamie Redfern @HistoryJamie 23. Historian, podcaster on America, ancient Rome, Alexander the Great and the Arab Spring.

Go Dig a Hole @godigahole archaeologist. educator. sustainability advocate. co-host of Go Dig a Hole, #ArchaeoTech & #CRMarch podcasts. editor & producer for @archpodnet

Medieval Archives @MedievalArchive Illuminating the Dark Ages for the Digital World. Podcast and website dedicated to the medieval era.

Linda Pelaccio @lindapelaccio Culinary Historian, Host and producer of 'A Taste of the Past' on http://HeritageRadioNetwork.org  #FoodHistory#foodradio

Missed In History @MissedinHistory Holly and Tracy splash around in the depths of history.

Irish History (Fin) @irishhistory I am making a podcast series on the Great Famine http://www.patreon.com/Irishpodcast 

Robin Pierson @byzantiumcast The man behind The History of Byzantium podcast and http://thetvcritic.org  website.

Lucas Livingston @lucaslivingston Museum educator, podcaster, homebrewer, Ancient and Asian art specialist

Vivek Vasan @histoindicast A podcast history of India and South Asia.

Dan SnowVerified account @thehistoryguy Choose History | BBC | #WarGen | http://facebook.com/HistoryHit  | Best of iTunes | New @HistoryHit podcasts coming at you every couple of days over Christmas

Darrin Sunstrum @darrinsunstrum Researches heroic narrative, Academic, Myth-Nerd, Teaching Assistant & Instructor at Brock University, Comic book reader & Co-host of #MythTake podcast #BrockU

Chad Davies @chaddavies Husband, Christian, Science Educator, Cyclist, Producer of The Scientific Odyssey Podcast, Beer Lover, Dog Owner

Matt Smith @nightlightguy Podcaster and sometime freelance journalist. A muppet of a man. Podcasts: Emperors of Rome, When in Rome, Asia Rising, Biography. Carthago delenda est.

A Way with Words @wayword Public radio's bouncy house of language! words@waywordradio.org, 877-929-9673, http://waywordradio.org . Also follow @grantbarrett and @marthabarnette.

Mike DuncanVerified account @mikeduncan History Podcaster | Revolutions | The History of Rome | Just handed in the manuscript for a book on the beginning of the end of the Roman Republic.

Dan LeFebvre @danlefeb Host of the Based on a True Story podcast. Formerly at Digital-Tutors.