Episode 60: What We Did on Our Summer Vacation


Episode 20: Blue & Green

We explore the terms for blue & green in Greek, Latin, and English, and discuss their symbolism and meaning in the various cultures. Is it true the ancient Greeks couldn't see blue? Why do we go 'green with envy'? And what did chariot racing, colours, and religious riots in Constantinople have to do with the Italian national football team?

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Show Notes

Mythtake podcast

Linoleum video

Our merchandise

Berlin & Kay colour list

Article about Greeks not seeing the colour blue

Talk the Talk podcast

Article about ultramarine

Horace Ode 1.9 (Soracte) in English

Horace Ode 2.5 (Heifer) in English

Horace Odes Book 1 in Latin

Horace Odes Book 2 in Latin

Mosaic of the charioteers

Episode 7: The Story of Narrative

We chat about stories, myth, and cognition -- and some of the ways narrative shapes our understanding of the world around us. Includes more Doctor Who talk, and some Latin and Old English.

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Show Notes

The Story of Narrative Video

Narrative Matters conference

The Latin word novi, from nosco

"The Storytelling Animal" by Jonathan Gottschall

Nerdcon Stories

Persephone cocktail

As We Like It: A podcast about film adaptations of Shakespeare

Episode 4: Carpe Diem!

File 2015-08-30, 8 55 27 PM.jpeg

A special episode, recorded at the cottage! We chat about unplugging, the etymology of 'harvest', poetry, and what to call a group of loons.

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