Episode 18: Beer

All about beer! From experiments in baking bread with the leftovers from brewing beer to the etymology of beery words, and the complicated question of how fizzy beer has been through the ages.  We follow up on questions raised in our Loaf podcast, and get some tips from other foodie podcasters.

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Show Notes

Recreating Egyptian Bread by @miguelesquirol

The Feast Podcast Episode 3: The Medieval Michelin Guide: Finding Food on the Camino de Santiago, 1490

Recipe for medieval trencher bread and recipe for spent grain tea biscuits, via @Feast_Podcast

Our experiment making bread from leftover beer sludge

Gastropod: Everything Old is Brew Again

Posts on traditional Peruvian beer and traditional South African beer via @beervana

Sources for history of barrels: here & here.

Artificial carbonation of beer & cask and bottle conditioning via @Gastropodcast

Episode 15: Stephen Le

We talk to Stephen Le about his book 100 Million Years of Food: What Our Ancestors Ate and Why It Matters Today, and his efforts to use an understanding of evolution to help us decide what to eat. We chat about what it means to "eat what your ancestors ate", the cultural history of food, and his wide-ranging travels in search of traditional foods to try--especially insects! 

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Show Notes

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