Welcome to the new Endless Knot Blog! Here you can read posts that accompany my YouTube videos, with extra comments and links, as well as posts on other topics. The channel and the blog will cover topics in language, history, and thought, and the way they are connected.

I've transferred the posts from my old WordPress blog over to here, so you can go back and read them all in one place, but I'm also leaving the old blog up in case anyone has links to those posts.

Several of the early videos you'll see on my channel are based on blog posts I've written in the past. It occurred to me that I could get the ideas across more clearly and entertainingly if I simply spoke them, along with illustrative images, and since there didn't seem to be anyone making videos on these topics, I decided to set myself the task of learning to do them myself. It's been a steep learning curve, but it's finally ready for launch. Here's the one-minute promo trailer:

So welcome to the new channel and the new blog! I welcome any comments or questions, and I hope you'll find something here to interest you!